Winner Resources

The information and tools in this section are designed to help American Songwriting Award Winners, Nominees, and Finalists publicize and promote their achievement as widely and effectively as possible.

Congratulations to all of the Winners, Nominees, and Official Finalists! Your work has been recognized as among the very best in songwriting from all around the world. This is truly an outstanding accomplishment that the entire world should recognize. Now it's time to let them know!

Below you will find marketing tips and tools tailored to help you promote and publicize your achievement to the industry and media — including PR tips, Social Media tips, facts, logos, web icons and more.

Being selected as an American Songwriting Award Winner, Nominee, or Finalist presents an important and exciting opportunity to create buzz in the music industry and media. Promoting your win effectively in the media can greatly benefit your career.

Here are some great ways to make sure the right people know about your win.


Add A Winners Icon Or Logo To Your Website

Download our logo or one of our Official Winners Icons to display your achievement on your website, Facebook page, and promotional materials.


Issue A Press Release

Distribute our easy-to-use American Songwriting Awards press release template to garner local, industry, and national press.


Thank Your Network

Send a special email to your network of colleagues, friends, family and clients to let them know about your win.


Market Your Win

Take out an ad in a local or national newspaper or magazine, or add an American Songwriting Award Winner logo to materials that you already have.


Get Social

Don't forget to update your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Wikipedia (and more!) pages with info about your status as an American Songwriting Award Winner, Nominee or Finalist. Tweet about your win using the official American Songwriting Awards hashtag #AmericanSongwritingAwards. It is a great way to way to define your American Songwriting achievement for an even wider audience.


Release The Blogs!

There are dozens of blogs that cover independent music and the music industry. These online outlets are a great way to spread the word about your victory.


Celebrate With Friends

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to our annual Awards Show in Las Vegas to watch you accept your award in person and honor your win. Be sure to have your team take lots of pictures and videos while you're on stage accepting your award and giving your speech so that you can use these in your promotional materials.


Update Your Bio and Resume

Adding this honor to your personal bio and resume will show that your songwriting work is world-class.


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